Specialized Coverage for Your Business

Your products and services might be similar to your competitors, but you have risks that are all your own. Finding the one thing that varies from business to business is what we are here to detect.

Bar and Tavern Insurance
We can offer you best in class insurance for your bar, tavern, nightclub, or other late night establishment.
Contracting and Construction
We know contractors and have the best insurance plans in the area.
Distributors and Warehouses
The way you store your goods and the goods you don't own can be problematic. Let our loss control team review your procedures.
Fitness Centers and Gyms
Workout equipment, personal training and sexual harassment are just a few of your concerns.
Garage and Mechanics
Garage keepers liability. You have customers cars in your control. Make sure they're covered.
Tool and dye, machine shops, food manufacturers - we cover it all and have years of experience.
Has a customer ever chipped a tooth? What about beer and wine sales? We'll do a full review of your operations.
We love startups! You are chasing a dream and starting a business. Let us keep you protected.
Transportation and Bus Insurance
Tucking, church buses, taxis, school buses, and even Uber. We can place these hard to insure risks for you.

We Carry All Types of Commercial Insurance

We’re committed to keeping your business protected so you can focus on your day-to-day operations. We get it – your business is successful for many reasons, but it only stays open because of one – you making a profit. We consider ourselves your loyal business partners and that’s why we strive to give you the most comprehensive protection.

We can provide the protection for you to thrive.

Our commercial policies are designed to give your business the protection it needs to thrive. Our policies are flexible, so we can give you the best coverage available. Some benefits of a commercial insurance policy from Hamler Gingrich include property coverage, business interruption coverage, crime insurance, liability coverage, and auto fleet coverage.