Distributors Insurance

Westfield InsuranceHow would you like to have insurance designed specifically with your goals in mind? With Hamler Gingrich you will. Along with many enhanced additional coverages and coverage extensions that benefit any business, you gain peace of mind knowing that Hamler Gingrich & Westfield Insurance will protect your business, employees and the goods you deliver.

Coverages specifically designed to meet the needs of distributors, including wholesale distributors.

  • Automobile supplies and new parts
  • Craft beer and beverage
  • Furniture
  • Home furnishings
  • Construction related materials
  • Office equipment
  • Electrical appliances
  • Hardware
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Clothing distributors

Unique coverage for your industry, including:

  • Non owned detached trailers
  • Refrigeration breakdown expense
  • Transit property in care of carriers for hire


Risk control services

Do you ever wish you had help identifying loss-causing conditions in your business? With Westfield you do. We can assist you in improving the safety of your operations to help avoid injuries and damage. Westfield risk control services stress the value of preventing a loss before it occurs. We do this by recommending results-oriented goals and objectives based on our extensive experience in food distribution. Westfield customers have access to online tools for risk assessment and best practices in safety. We provide you with discounts on proven-effective tools from leading safety services.


As a locally owned and operated insurance agency serving West Milton, Tipp City, Troy, Englewood and the entire region of greater Dayton, Ohio, Hamler Gingrich Insurance is committed to providing quality insurance products for individuals and businesses. In 2013, we merged with Favorite Insurance Agency in Tipp City, Ohio, extending our family and our coverage area to serve you better....   Read More »

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