Contractors Errors and Omissions Coverage

Even the best managed contractors make mistakes from time to time. As a responsible contractor, you stand behind your work. You don’t expect customers to pay for your mistakes.

Consider the potential for loss:

  • An HVAC contractor installs a heating and air conditioning system in a new apartment building. Shortly after installation, the HVAC unit is found to be defective. The building owner sues the contractor and also demands damages from the contractor for loss of use of the building since apartment rentals are delayed.
  • A Commercial plumber’s faulty connection to a boiler unit results in an explosion. The building owner must replace all damaged plumbing fixtures and sues the plumber for reimbursement of expenses incurred to repair the damages.
  • A contractor designs and installs the electrical system for a new store. Wiring is laid under the concrete ground floor. The store owner later finds that the wiring is not adequate to handle the power load. The store owner sues the contractor for failure to perform the job according to specifications.

While every claim is adjusted according to its own specific set of facts, The Cincinnati Insurance Company created Contractors’ Errors and Omissions Liability Coverage helps protect you from these types of losses. This product is available to qualified contractors insured with Cincinnati.

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